YESforLOV - Men's Kit
    • YESforLOV - Men's Kit

    YESforLOV - Men's Kit


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    For singles who are open to everyone. To romantics who change their Prince Charming, night after night. To all those who are ready for lovinâ.

    YESforLOV dedicates this exclusive, deliciously practical and terribly sensual kit that offers the guarantee and the glamour of high-tech cosmetics for wild and unbridled explorations.

    - One caress cream for buttocks (100 ml).
    - Five YESforLOV condoms.
    - Five single doses of intimate moisturising lubricant.
    - Two measuring tapes.
    - One black waterproof bracelet.

    Caress cream for buttocks
    The deliciously sensual YESforLOV caress cream for buttocks regenerates and smoothes the skin texture. Actively: salicylic acid helps eliminate rough skin and small imperfections. Tenderly: allantoin, sweet almond oil and shea butter heighten moisturisation. Texturally: tapioca leaves a subtle powdery finish. Of course, the key lies in the touch of the person applying it. So, succumb and glow with pleasure...

    Black waterproof bracelet
    A black waterproof bracelet to always have latex and lubricant at hand â the must in saunas and other self-services.

    Measuring tapes
    From 10 to 25 cm to compare weapons before the attack.

    Intimate moisturising lubricant
    For one or the other, for one and the other, between both of you, your intimate moisturising lubricant optimises contact, comfort and pleasure, while maintaining the natural feel of your subtlest sensations.

    The condom
    Slipped into its precious pouch, the YESforLOV condom is presented like a jewel, because it deserves it. It pairs the most demanding safety and protection standards with an ultra-fine design that keeps your most intimate sensations intact.

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