Enigma Pheromone Perfume for Woman 15ml|ФЕРОМОНЫ
    • Enigma Pheromone Perfume for Woman 15ml|ФЕРОМОНЫ

    Enigma Pheromone Perfume for Woman 15ml

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    Enigma Pheromone Perfume for Woman 15ml - feminine perfume with aromatic pheromones - Created to tempt with 35% concentration of attractants!

    I-L-Molecules FORMULA

    The temptingly feminine bouquet of the BEMINE ENIGMA series was created in France. Thanks to the experience of the LOVELY LOVERS brand, the molecular formula I-L-Molecules (INTENSE LOVE MOLECULES) was used. It is the result of research on over 300 fragrance attractants in various proportions. The ones that have the greatest impact on the opposite sex were selected, extracting the maximum allure from the complex of fragrance oils. The I-L-Molecules formula has been refined so that it synergistically combines with the scent of women's skin to create a unique whole. The women's ENIGMA composition is a unique combination of the notes of a selection of light flowers intertwined with juicy fruit intertwined with a subtle hint of sensual wood and greenery. The highest 35% concentration and quality of the ingredients used allows you to create a seductive aura full of feminine vibrations and flirty flirtatiousness.
    What is the smell of WOMAN ALFA with BEMINE ENIGMA?
    Depending on whether the fragrance is described by a man or a woman, LL BEMINE ENIGMA 15ml WOMAN fragrance notes may be perceived slightly differently. However, the main feature of this fragrance (regardless of the gender of the person evaluating the person) is its very seductive feminine aura combined with a vibrant floral-green nature, which, as a complete composition, follows its carrier, making itself known at every step. The subtle opening is characterized by incredible sensuality, thanks to floral-green notes broken with apple. When the fragrance settles on the skin, it will reveal its notes of an even more flowery heart, thanks to the lightness of the combination of lilies and roses. This is complemented by an extremely sensual base combining the depth of sandalwood surrounded by accords of musk and iris root - emphasizing the alluring scent of the enigmatic alpha woman.

    Top notes: green apple, tuberose, green note

    Heart notes: lily, rose

    Base notes: iris root, sandalwood, musk

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