Купить Sexpert Эротическая Игра (EN) по лучшей цене в Эстонии
    • Купить Sexpert Эротическая Игра (EN) по лучшей цене в Эстонии
    • Купить Sexpert Эротическая Игра (EN) по лучшей цене в Эстонии

    Sexpert Эротическая Игра (EN)


    Tease and Please

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    Do you know more than your fellow players about love and sexuality? Then you’re the reigning expert on sex: the Sexpert!

    Tease & Please is expanding its successful line of erotic games with a provocative quiz on sexuality and love. Test your sexual knowledge by drawing question cards in turn. The questions are extremely diverse and refreshingly surprising—and they may even open new doors for you. Last but not least, almost every card provides juicy details that expand on the answer, making this quiz-style game not only fun but also educational for everyone. Sadly, there are still many taboos and prejudices when it comes to sexuality. Sexpert tears them all down, for once and for all.

    The game contains more than two hundred large question cards (some illustrated), one game board, six pawns, and six answer chips. The strict, sexy teacher on the box will get your mental juices flowing, and just like old times, she may even inspire you to do your very best—if only to impress her. Players take turns drawing a card from the stack. The card may contain an open question, a true-or-false question, or a multiple-choice question. Some cards players will answer on their own; others are for the whole group. Whether you know a lot or a little, whether talk of sex makes you blush or prick up your ears: you’ll always learn something new when you play Sexpert!

    Sample questions:
    • What position burns the most calories (for the active partner)?
    • True or false? Women who frequently wear very high heels have more intense orgasms.
    • In what specific situation does a man produce semen that contains up to twice as many sperm as usual?
    • Men also have a G-spot.

    Where is it? Sexpert expands not only players’ knowledge and insight, but also their freedom to discuss sexuality. Moodzz has combined the expertise of sexologists, user experience experts, and its own staff to pack this exhilarating game chock-full of fascinating facts. Fun, facts, and excitement guaranteed!

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