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B-Vibe is a pioneering brand in the world of intimate health and pleasure, known for its commitment to quality, innovation, and education. Specializing in anal play, B-Vibe offers a wide range of premium products designed to enhance and diversify the experience of anal exploration. Their collection includes a variety of anal toys such as vibrating plugs, remote-controlled massagers, and bead-style stimulators, each meticulously crafted to ensure comfort, safety, and pleasure.

Emphasizing the importance of informed and consensual play, B-Vibe is dedicated not only to delivering high-quality products but also to educating its customers about anal health and pleasure. The brand stands out for its inclusive approach, catering to individuals and couples of all experience levels and orientations, encouraging exploration, and breaking down stigmas associated with anal play.

With a deep understanding of the sensitive nature of anal exploration, B-Vibe's products are designed with body-safe materials and ergonomic shapes. Each item is accompanied by detailed guides and tips, making the brand a trusted source for both beginners and experienced enthusiasts. B-Vibe continues to innovate, constantly seeking new ways to enhance the intimate experiences of its diverse customer base.

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A trip around the rim so cosmic, you'll think you're riding Saturn's rings. Start an anal vortex with the first ever petite plug that rims and glows. Includes a small warm up plug perfect for wearing out on moonwalks exclusive to the Asstronaut set!

Price €205.95
In stock (Eros Butiik)