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Kegel Balls - pelvic floor & geisha balls & yoni eggs


Kegel balls, often referred to as pleasure balls, have gained significant popularity as a tool for enhancing pelvic health and sexual well-being. These small, weighted spheres are designed for use in pelvic floor exercises, providing not only a physical workout but also a unique form of pleasure. Made from materials like medical-grade silicone or metal, Kegel balls are both safe and effective for their intended use.

The primary function of Kegel balls is to strengthen the pelvic floor muscles. By inserting these balls and engaging in regular exercises, users can experience a range of benefits, including improved bladder control, enhanced recovery after childbirth, and a boost in sexual performance. The pelvic floor muscles play a crucial role in these areas, and by fortifying them, individuals can enjoy a marked improvement in their overall pelvic health.

Aside from their health benefits, Kegel balls are also appreciated for the subtle, internal stimulation they provide. Many users find this aspect enjoyable and incorporate it into their daily routine, making Kegel balls a discreet yet pleasurable accessory. This dual-purpose nature contributes to their appeal among a wide audience.

The versatility of Kegel balls is further evidenced by their availability in various sizes and weights. This range allows individuals to start with lighter, larger balls and gradually move to heavier, smaller ones as their pelvic muscles strengthen. Such progression ensures that both beginners and advanced users can find a suitable option, making Kegel balls a personalized journey towards better pelvic health.

In addition to Kegel balls, other tools like geisha balls and yoni eggs serve similar purposes. Geisha balls, often used interchangeably with Kegel balls, and yoni eggs, typically made from semi-precious stones, also aim to enhance pelvic muscle tone and sexual pleasure. Though their materials and cultural origins may differ, the overarching goal remains the same: to offer a natural and effective means of strengthening the pelvic floor.

In conclusion, Kegel balls, along with geisha balls and yoni eggs, provide a comprehensive approach to improving pelvic health and sexual satisfaction. Through regular use, individuals can achieve stronger, more controlled pelvic muscles, leading to a variety of health benefits and an increase in sexual pleasure. Whether you're a beginner or an advanced user, these tools offer a valuable and enjoyable way to enhance your well-being.

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Fun Factory - Smartball Uno Kegel Training Device

"MAGIC BALLS" SMARTBALLS are a medically endorsed Kegel exercising device. They have been recommended by midwives and doctors since FUN FACTORY started selling them in European pharmacies in the 1990’s.There is a Tester in the Store!

Price €19.90
In stock (Eros Butiik)