Petits Joujoux - Massage Candle 190 gram
    • Petits Joujoux - Massage Candle 190 gram

    Petits Joujoux - Massage Candle 190 gr


    Petits Joujoux

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    Petits Joujoux - Massage Candle 190 gr

    After the fragrant candle has been lighted its wax is melting to a comfortably warm massage oil which is indulging and nourishing the skin.

    The exquisite Petits Joujoux massage candles are available in 6 beguiling scents, which have been chosen representative for 6 great places:

    "A trip to Athens" is an aphrodisiac, sensuous creation of musk and patchouli, stimulating both; fantasy and lust.

    "A trip to the London" is a composition of rhubarb and ambra, which smells fresh, masculine and electrifying.

    "A trip to the Orient" is a composition of pomegranate and white pepper, which smells fruity extraordinary and spicy.

    "A trip to Paris" is a composition of vanilla and sandalwood, stimulating, sexy and warm.

    "A trip to Rome" is a composition of grapefruit and bergamott, which is stimulating, refreshing and spicy.

    "A trip to Waikiki Beach" is a composition of coconut and pineapple, which smells sweet, fruity and delicious, just like a Pina Colada.

    However not only the scent is a highlight while usage – the massage candles which burn up to 50 hours have been enriched with high-quality cosmetic ingrediences such as jojoba oil and shea butter. This means that at the same time the skin gets pampered and sustainably nourished – with all natural ingrediences – without any artificial colors or preservatives.

    Provided with a handy spout and packaged in an exquisite gift box reminding of a French hat box, the candles also make a perfect present.

    Content: 190g

    Burning duration: appr. 50 hours

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