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Eneserahuldamine on nüüd veelgi nauditavam kui kunagi varem! Revolutsiooniliselt uudne munakujuline EGG masturbaator jaapani firmalt TENGA.Tõmba otsa, venita ja naudi!  Superlahe kingitus! 

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    INTT - Crunchy Vanilla Foam 150ml|MASSAAŽ
    • INTT - Crunchy Vanilla Foam 150ml|MASSAAŽ
    • INTT - Crunchy Vanilla Foam 150ml|MASSAAŽ
    • INTT - Crunchy Vanilla Foam 150ml|MASSAAŽ
    • INTT - Crunchy Vanilla Foam 150ml|MASSAAŽ

    INTT - Crunchy Vanilla Foam 150ml



    This foam provides an effervescent sensation that will take your massage to a new level. Foam with an effervescent and moisturizing effect, able to turn your massage highly seductive. The Vanilla fragrance arouses your senses, leaving the skin with a soft, silky and light touch. When the small particles present in the foam make contact with hands and body provides a thrilling experience because it activates the microcirculation. Directions: Remove the cap, shake well before each use and apply on the desired area in a vertical position. The product is not indicated for intimate areas because it may burn and it is not kissable.
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    INTT - Crunchy Vanilla Foam 150ml

    Couples massage plays a crucial role in promoting intimacy, establishing a deeper connection, breaking routine and is an excellent option for foreplay.

    A study conducted in Northumbria with 38 couples who took part in a 3-week massage course revealed that the practice provided significant benefits. The couples reached a consensus that the massage contributed to reducing stress, strengthening the bond between them, in addition to promoting the physical and mental well-being of both.

    With this in mind, Intt presents Crunch Foam to the market, an innovative foam that promises to revolutionize your massage moments.

    What is Crunchy Foam?
    "Crunchy Foam" is a unique foam, with effervescent and moisturizing properties, that elevates your massage experience to an immersive level. When coming into contact with the hands and body, the small particles present in the foam provide an energizing sensation, stimulating microcirculation and promoting immediate relaxation. Furthermore, its delicious vanilla aphrodisiac aroma awakens the senses, making the moment even more sensual and engaging. Enjoy an unforgettable massage with the help of Crunch Foam.

    How should you use it?
    To use the product, simply remove the cap and shake it before each application in order to activate the effervescent particles. Apply it vertically to the desired area. It is important to highlight that the product is not recommended for use on intimate parts, due to the presence of gas in its composition, which can cause irritation or burns. Furthermore, it is important to highlight that the product is not suitable for ingestion or direct contact with the mouth.

    Who is it suitable for?
    For people who want to innovate and create connections through massage.


    It is important to stop using the product in case of irritation or discomfort. Keep it out of reach of children. Avoid contact with eyes and, if this occurs, rinse thoroughly with water. Do not apply to irritated skin. Store the product in a cool, ventilated place. Do not reuse the packaging. Please remember that the product is intended for external use only.


    100ml spray bottle Valid for 6 months after opening

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