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Tenga - Egg Ona Cap Masturbaator


Eneserahuldamine on nüüd veelgi nauditavam kui kunagi varem! Revolutsiooniliselt uudne munakujuline EGG masturbaator jaapani firmalt TENGA.Tõmba otsa, venita ja naudi!  Superlahe kingitus! 

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    Tentacion - Room Spray With Pheromones 100ml|FEROMOONID
    • Tentacion - Room Spray With Pheromones 100ml|FEROMOONID
    • Tentacion - Room Spray With Pheromones 100ml|FEROMOONID

    Tentacion - Room Spray With Pheromones 100ml



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    Tentacion - Room Spray With Pheromones 100ml

    Room spray with pheromones, transforms the environment creating an atmosphere of pleasure with erotic fragrances reinforced with pheromones. Wrap your moments in sensuality, desire and fantasy.

    - Red fruits: Pleasant aroma with sweet and fruity notes, leaving an erotic and romantic atmosphere. Enjoy relaxation in your most intimate moments, leaving a warm and very stimulating atmosphere.

    - Passion fruit: Amorous aroma denote fruit and floral notes. You will meet again with that lost passion that you need so much. Surround the environment with the flame of lost passion.

    - Intimate games: Tender aroma of citrus touches combined with soft floral fragrances. Greater aromatic satisfaction to reach the climax. Disperse desire in the environment.

    - Between sheets: Soft aroma with spicy and refreshing notes. Caresses between sheets that leave your emotions on the surface. Create a pleasant atmosphere to go one step further.

    - Free sex: Exotic aroma with velvety sweet notes. Moments of freedom and sincerity to share. Fragrance that will create an unbridled and limitless atmosphere.

    - Forbidden Garden: Subtle aroma with green notes. Fruity and aquatic touches. Forbidden fragrance that will boost you in your most exciting moments.

    USE: Direct the spray upwards to favor dispersion, never towards the face of other people or directly on furniture, clothing, etc., as it can stain.

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