Viamax - Her Herbs 60 Capsules|АПТЕКА ЭРОС
    • Viamax - Her Herbs 60 Capsules|АПТЕКА ЭРОС

    Viamax - Her Herbs 60 Capsules



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    Viamax Her Herbs is a natural dietary supplement aimed to increase female desire and well being. It contains a controlled and well-balanced combination of herbs that are natural aphrodisiacs. It counteracts physical discomfort, stress and fatigue. It increases desire and raises energy levels by balancing the natural hormones in the body.

    How it works: Viamax Her Herbs combines 3 groups of herbs with different effects that creates a super drug. Fenugreek seed contains phytoestrogens, which help balancing estrogen, making it an excellent herb to support optimal levels of female hormones. Soybean has been part of the traditional Indian diets for centuries. It contains phytonutrients, Isoflavones and antioxidants that mimics estrogen are linked to numerous health benefits. Fennel Seed contains an estrogen-like substance (estriol) that is well known to raise the libido. L-Tyrosine has an energizing effect on the body and may increases sex drive. Several important neurotransmitters are synthesized from L-tyrosine, including dopamine. Blessed thistle contains silymarin witch can help to support hormonal balance through it's protective action. Kelp has highly nutritive properties and is mineral-rich witch also support sexual function. Mothers wort has been used for centuries as a supplement for female well being. The herb is traditionally known to relieve menstrual problem.

    60 capsules
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