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Doxy - Butt Plug Ribbed|ANAL PLAY
  • Doxy - Butt Plug Ribbed|ANAL PLAY
  • Doxy - Butt Plug Ribbed|ANAL PLAY
  • Doxy - Butt Plug Ribbed|ANAL PLAY
  • Doxy - Butt Plug Ribbed|ANAL PLAY
  • Doxy - Butt Plug Ribbed|ANAL PLAY

Doxy - Butt Plug Ribbed



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Doxy - Butt Plug Ribbed

Introducing the Ribbed Doxy Butt Plug - This plug was machined at our factory in Cornwall from a block of solid pure aluminium using a multi spindle sliding head lathe, then hand polished and packed into a length of specially converted scaffold tube!

When inserted slowly with plenty of lubrican, the Doxy butt plug is the perfect starting point for a very pleasurable and fun experience. They are body safe and easy to clean *soap and warm water will be fine as long as you dry it well) and will make an attractive and interesting paperweight if you decide anal play is not for you!

To take your play with the Doxy butt plug up a notch try these ideas:

 Play - Warm or cool (not too much!) your plug before inserting and focus on the sensations through the anus's densley packed nerve endings.

Vibrations - To turn your Doxy butt plug into a vibrating plug simply touch a vibrator onto the base when the plug is inserted. Of course, we would recommend a Doxy wand massager! The vibrations will help your muscles relax and increase your pleasure. It should be noted that vibrations can prove particularly satisfying for owners of a prostate.

Stroking - Pull out the plug and push it back in. Experiment with part way or all the way. Anal penetration can lead to amazingly strong orgasms especially when done in conjunction with vaginal or clitoral stimulation.

Double Penetration - For those who a vagina, when your plug is anally inserted, your vagina will alter shape and having simultaneous penetration can be intensely satisfying.

Simultaneous Pleasure - A Popular Play with anal beads is to pull them out just as orgasm is reached. Try the same with your Doxy butt plug.

Anal Sex - Is exciting because it is seen a sa taboo (as well as just feeling wonderful). Something forbidden or naughty. Unfortunately, it is often tried and abandoned because of bad experiences. Playing and experimenting with a butt plug and introducing anal play is a great place to start. Good anal sex is often down to feeling relaxed and prepared.

Base Diameter: 3,5 cm
- Circumference: 10,5 cm
- Insertable Length: 7 cm
- Weight: 155 g

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