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INTT COSMETICS is a Brazilian innovative brand, well known in the erotic and sensual market, especially for the quality of its products and the beauty of its packaging. INTT COSMETICS relentlessly seeks to develop products of excellent quality that safely and effectively provide pleasure and well-being to all its customers.

A little about our history: In 2008, the Seitz family visited their native country, Germany, and realized that there were several sex shops in the city. So the family visited a couple of them and then realized how simple and unprotected  the packages were. Upon returning to Brazil, they also visited many stores in the country to find the same situation. So they came up with the idea of creating a line of high quality products with elegant packaging, which was totally different from what the market offered until then.

The company started with a small production, with only a limited range of kissable products, advised for oral sex. In a short period of time, the products became a huge success among the Brazilian public, therefore bringing INTT COSMETICS to the position of the main sensual cosmetics brand in the country.

Currently, INTT COSMETICS has a line of more than 400 different products and is present in the main sex shops in Brazil. In recent years, after participating in international fairs and events, the brand has come to be desired by consumers from all over the world, which led the company to develop a line specifically aimed at the international market, composed of its best sellers in Brazil.

In 2019, INTT COSMETICS definitely arrived in Europe by starting the production of its cosmetics line in Portugal, therefore certified for sale and consumption by all countries of the European Community.

Combining the experience of more than 12 years in the Brazilian market and the use of exclusive assets from the Amazon forest, INTT COSMETICS presents a line entirely designed for the European market and with a great potential to meet the needs of its new international consumers.

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