Aïe Feel Good - Butterfly Effect Paddle
    • Aïe Feel Good - Butterfly Effect Paddle
    • Aïe Feel Good - Butterfly Effect Paddle
    • Aïe Feel Good - Butterfly Effect Paddle

    Aïe Feel Good - Butterfly Effect Paddle




    This French brand offers a collection of quirky and chic paddles and whips, to use as a continuation of your fetish desires.

    These intimate objects have been reinvented unharnessed to mix ecstasy with arousal.

    Size: 21,5 x 24,3 CM


    Because feeling good doesn't hurt, Atypeek* introduces Aïe Feel Good™, fetishistic and chic collection.

    It feels good to rethink texture and design
    Aïe Feel Good™, I knew that I would, now...so good, so good... Of course I do.

    1. Atypeek* or the art of going where nobody expects us. Nobody at all.
    Before we get to the point, please let us introduce our company, Atypeek. Created by Christophe Féray and Sarah Olivier, Atypeek is a multi-skilled communication agency.
    With Atypeek, artistic design has a whole new meaning. We explore it a little, we explore it a lot, until it becomes fun and unique.
    Since we want to go creative all the way, we are proud to introduce the Aïe Feel Good™ swatter and whip.

    2. A new design for good old pleasure.
    Because we are who we are, we couldn't make normal sextoys. We use new innovative materials. There was no way we were going to make usual flyswatters, since they are so very NOT sexy. Our swatters are crosses, flowers, butterflies, because pleasure has to be fun!

    3. Aïe Feel Good™: Having pleasure has never been so easy!
    Chivalry and Seduction are what the French are known for. So, of course our toys are not vulgar, they allow our clients to express their elegance and enjoy the forbidden fruit at will.
    Submission, control, provocation and ecstasy, all of those feelings will come hit you in your heaven as you spice it all up with our swatters. And nothing shall ruin your fun.


    *Aïe Feel Good™ is an Atypeek trademark.

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