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    Secret Play - Bodymist Afrodita 6ml|PHEROMONES
    • Secret Play - Bodymist Afrodita 6ml|PHEROMONES
    • Secret Play - Bodymist Afrodita 6ml|PHEROMONES
    • Secret Play - Bodymist Afrodita 6ml|PHEROMONES
    • Secret Play - Bodymist Afrodita 6ml|PHEROMONES

    Secret Play - Bodymist Afrodita 6ml


    Secret Play

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    Secret Play - Bodymist Afrodita 6ml

    The sensual feminine body mist Afrodita, with truffle's natural erotic allure, highlights your sexual attractiveness, increases your confidence and turns you into a more exciting, seductive and desired person in the eyes of others. The truffle's biological particles, with their aroma, stimulate the sexual desire in a natural way. You will be an irresistible attraction for everyone.

    AFRODITA – BODY MIST is a body mist made from plant-based active ingredients that instantly comforts and moisturizes the skin with its spray application, leaving it refreshed and visibly healthier. Thanks to its fast absorption, the body mist is ideal for a quick refreshment while nourishing your skin.

    Spray bottle dispensing system
    Easy Application
    Volume: 6 ml
    Sweet caramel aroma
    For women

    How to use:
     from a distance of about 30 cm on the body as often as desired. Allow to air dry. No need to spread. Recommended use for all skin types.

    Characteristics and properties:
     skin hydration, leaving it instantly fresh.
    -Enhances the sensation of healthy and juicy skin thanks to the betaine that protects against dehydration, helping to balance, rehydrate and maintain the water in the cells, providing protection against dermal stress.
    -The explosive cocktail of natural anticellulite active ingredients fucus, centella asiatica, hibiscus and guarana help prevent and treat cellulite.
    -The truffle nourishes the skin and its natural pheromones stimulate sexual desire. With its sweet aroma it creates a sensual and relaxing atmosphere in the bathroom.
    -Made with active ingredients of plant origin.

    Natural active ingredients:
     : natural moisturizer, helps to balance and rehydrate providing skin protection against dermal stress, enhancing the sensation of healthy skin.
    Truffle: moisturising, nourishing, anti-wrinkle, hypoallergenic, protection against UV radiation. It stimulates sexual attractiveness in a natural way.
    Centella asiatica: stimulates healing, re-epithelialisation, firming and protects against oxidative processes; vasoprotective, venotonic, anticellulitic. It has soothing, calming, purifying properties and it´s a blood circulation activator.
    Hibiscus: maintains skin elasticity, anti-ageing, anti-inflammatory, firming, anticellulitic and antioxidant properties, offers protection against free radicals.
    Fucus: stimulates circulation and eliminates toxins, decongestant and anti oedema (cellulite trigger), anticellulite and regenerative effect.
    Guarana: anticellulite, lipid accumulation reduction, lipolytic "fat burning" effect.

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    Secret Play

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