OhMiBod - Club Vibe 2.OH
    • OhMiBod - Club Vibe 2.OH
    • OhMiBod - Club Vibe 2.OH
    • OhMiBod - Club Vibe 2.OH
    • OhMiBod - Club Vibe 2.OH
    • OhMiBod - Club Vibe 2.OH
    • OhMiBod - Club Vibe 2.OH
    • OhMiBod - Club Vibe 2.OH

    Let the DJ spin the journey. OhMiBod's Club Vibe 2.OH will take you to the destination...

    Club Vibe 2.OH is a revolutionary wireless and USB rechargeable remote control vibrator. This sophisticated, lightweight and slim line vibe begs to be worn out on the town. Tucked away neatly in its custom black lace thong, it will accompany you comfortably to any destination whether its a night club or a dinner party. Its 5 intensity levels allow you to use the vibrator in a loud atmosphere or in a special quiet place.

    As with the original Club Vibe, the Club Vibe 2.OH has a velvety finish and vibrates and pulses to club music, concerts or to your loverâs voice. But with Club Vibe 2.OH, the mic is built into the wireless remote control and can be kept in a clutch, in your hand or in someone elseâs - adding to the extra excitement of not knowing whatâs coming next.

    The remote control has a range of 5-6 meter and 5 intensity levels for Club (ambient) mode. The remote allows you to switch the vibe from ambient to manual mode and cycle through 5 amazing patterns with a simple push of a button. Club Vibe 2.OH is one of those vibrators that youâll want to bring with you everywhere!

    2 modes to choose from:
    - Wireless remote control mode
    - Club Mode

    - Vibe measurements: 9.5 cm long, 4.4 cm wide, 1.3 cm thin
    - Weight: 65g
    - Battery: Lithium-ion, 3.7V with 200mAH
    - Charging: 2-3 hours
    - Play time: up to 4 hours
    - Molded from premium grade hypoallergenic non-toxic, non-porous ABS plastic with PU coating for velvety finish
    - Phthalate free

    - Bullet vibrator and remote control
    - Custom black lace thong
    (one size fits most)
    - Privacy pouch
    - One 12v A23 battery for the remote<br

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