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    Nirvana The Game
    • Nirvana The Game

    Nirvana - The Game


    Erotic game for couples.

    34,95 €
    В наличии (Eros Butiik)


    The supreme happiness, or "Nirvana", can only be achieved if one dares ... The game features no less than 208 cards, as so many opportunities to discover the secrets and "funny" fantasies of the other participant. On the board, you will have the opportunity to push your limits, or not as you wish. How? By exploring the territories according to four zones (soft, erotic, naughty and hot).


    1 game board
    208 pledge cards, 6 pawns,
    1 dice, 1 timer, 1 pouch


    Number of players: 2-6

    Game duration: 1hr30 max

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