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Tenga - Egg Ona Cap Masturbaator


Eneserahuldamine on nüüd veelgi nauditavam kui kunagi varem! Revolutsiooniliselt uudne munakujuline EGG masturbaator jaapani firmalt TENGA.Tõmba otsa, venita ja naudi!  Superlahe kingitus! 

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UPKO is a luxury pleasure brand who focuses on BDSM field. Product design and brand expression merged with multi-dimensional cultural insights, the portfolios feature exquisiteness, attraction and craftsmanship. In enriching the approaches to showing love, UPKO is exploring more possibilities of intimacy.
UPKO provides a great option for customers who choose to practice BDSM with higher quality products, and brings a sense of ritual to the behavior. The spirit of the brand highlights the vision that "BDSM is not vulgar, and sex is deserved to be noble".

UPKO applies the premium leather materials from the second largest supplier in Italy with the style of which also used by GIVENCHY and other premium brands, and the metal parts are mostly produced with customized molds.

In 2019, UPKO made a stunning appearance at Shanghai ADCEXPO, an international adult industrial exhibition and released its co-branding collection of Doll, which attracted many professional buyers on the spot, and Rose Ball Gag was a hot seller among the collection. This product adopts 3D modeling patented design. Designed with raw materials from Dow Corning silicone, the beauty and functionality are harmonious and unified.

Another star product is UPKO Luxury BDSM Vertical Trunk Kit. It is a high-quality integrated BDSM tools’ kit designed for high-end users, which contains more than 14pcs of classic SM tools that can be used in any combination for a variety of play to ensure an optimal experience. The external layer of the trunk is made of PU material with carbon fiber texture to achieve a mysterious and noble appearance. Also, all the BDSM tools inside are handmade with Italian cowhide. The noble quality of this kit brings an artistic atmosphere to what would otherwise be considered as a slightly crazy behavior, rendering the performance of love with a more ritualistic feel.

UPKO positioned itself as a high-end brand featured in the BDSM field, a niche market that has gone unnoticed in the past. All the BDSM tools contained in this kit are made of premium cowhide material imported from Italy and are produced by experienced artisan after being machine-molded, thus ensuring higher quality and better users experience. The arrangement of tools inside also fully considered the developping of the process and the degree of stimulation from gentle to intense, which portrays the brand's pursuit of attention to detail and ritual sense.

The exquisite texture and the aesthetic visual present of the products shakes off the stereotype that BDSM is a vulgar behavior, and provides users with a certain confidence and sense of belonging, allowing an emotional resonance with brand, also portrays the brand's pursuit of attention to detail and ritual sense.

n enriching the approaches to showing love, UPKO is exploring more possibilities of intimacy.
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Upko - anaal/vaginaal konks

Armastus teeb haiget, aga öö täis õrna valu on kaunis. Metallist konksu nii tupe kui anuse jaoks saab kasutada koos pärlikaelarihma, pärlikäevõru, keti, köite ja paljude teiste aksessuaaridega. 

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