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Tenga - Egg Ona Cap Masturbaator


Eneserahuldamine on nüüd veelgi nauditavam kui kunagi varem! Revolutsiooniliselt uudne munakujuline EGG masturbaator jaapani firmalt TENGA.Tõmba otsa, venita ja naudi!  Superlahe kingitus! 

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    Secret Play - Play&Roulette (es/pt/en/fr)|MÄNGUD 18+
    • Secret Play - Play&Roulette (es/pt/en/fr)|MÄNGUD 18+
    • Secret Play - Play&Roulette (es/pt/en/fr)|MÄNGUD 18+
    • Secret Play - Play&Roulette (es/pt/en/fr)|MÄNGUD 18+

    Secret Play - Play&Roulette (es/pt/en/fr)


    Secret Play

    8,95 €
    Laos olemas (Eros Butiik)

    Play & Roulette is the perfect game to bring your excitement level to the maximum!


     start the game each player must choose odd or even and roll one dice. The player who gets it right starts the game. In case of a tie, each player rolls the dice again.

    The roulette contains three independent moving parts. The first one is an activity that needs to be performed, the second one is a body part and the third one is the frequency or time during which the action is performed.

    Each player rolls both dice three times, one for each roulette´s part, moving the arrow, every time, according to the addition number of the two dice. Once the arrow has been placed on the three parts, the player must perform the activity mentioned on the partner´s body part for the time that is being indicated. At any time during the game, if a player has double six (12) when he/she is rolling the dice, he/she must remove a piece of garment.

    The players take alternating turns until the level of arousal of the partner reaches its peak, at which point they must spin the central arrow and perform the indicated Kamasutra position. Make your partner moan with pleasure!

    The player who orgasms first loses the game.

    The game includes:

     Roulette wheel
    -A pair of six-sided dice
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    Secret Play